The Curator News Feed: December 20, 2013

This week we've got some freaky-good doppelgängers, tips on how to improve your self control, and inevitably, cute puppy pics and much more to take you into the weekend. 24 Celebrities and Their Incredible Look Alikes From the Past, Just Something Creative. These are some serious doppelgängers! Check out a bunch of celebs and their lookalikes from history. I think my favorite is Jeffrey Tambor and Benjamin Franklin. What's yours?  -- Chelsey

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Santa Brand Book, Quiet Room. Something PR professionals can appreciate for the holiday season… the Santa brand book for a refresh of the holly jolly guy's brand! Ever wondered what Santa stands for? Find out here! -- Noelle

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"Misunderstood" Holiday Ad, Apple. Love this ad...probably because I have a certain someone in my family who I can see in this role in the not too distant future. Merry Christmas indeed. -- Dan

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These Signs Let You Know Just How Good For You Taking The Stairs Is, Fast Company. It's pretty powerful what good design can do. In this case, reminds you the health benefits of taking the stairs! This might be some motivation for a 2014 resolution... -- Brooke

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The Science of Self Control: 6 Ways to Improve Your Will Power, The Buffer Blog. Here's something useful as we head into the last chunk of the holiday season: The science of self-control and how to improve your willpower. That said, everything in moderation including moderation, right? -- Paul



Instagrammers Explore Real Life Middle Earth, Huffington Post. Whether you're a LOTR fan or not, these Instagrams make for some good eye candy for your Friday. -- Megan

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This Delightfully Sarcastic College Recruitment Ad Will Make You Want to Enroll Today, Ad Week. Sarcasm in marketing is not easy to pull off, but this Australian ad hit the mark, playing up over-used buzzwords just enough to turn the typical, trite college ad on its head. -- Megan

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Reddit User Freaks Out When Secret Santa Named “Bill” Turns Out To Be Bill Gates, Buzzfeed. 'Tis the Season for Secret Santas. Can you imagine if Bill Gates was yours? -- Ann Marie


Toddler Naps With His 2-Month-Old Puppy Every Day,, Compared to our familiar world of an internet packed with snuggling babies and puppies like this, imagine being born into a family of two French nature photographers that just moved to Africa. Your best friends are elephants and frogs. This is real and it's awesome, except for the snake photo, because snakes will always be terrifying. -- Maria



The 21 Best Infographics of 2013, Fast Company. It's that time of year when everyone reflects back on 2013. So, to honor the end of the year, here's a look at some of the best infographics. Need a beard guide or want to create your own hipster logo? These infographics have all the answers! -- Annie

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