The Curator News Feed: March 22, 2013

Rebels Saving Hollywood, Fast Company. I absolutely love this kind of thinking. The proactive culture, creativity and movement to change people’s perceptions totally align with the kind of work we do here at Curator. Really good stuff. – Scott

Stealth Celebrity Endorsement: No Money Changing Hands, Just Free Burritos, Time. Great article on how Chipotle successfully managed a celebrity endorsement deal without paying for one. We’ve seen this tactic before, but Chipotle’s successful execution may breed a whole new way of marketing. The return on this minimal investment could be well worth the hundreds of free burritos. – Annie

Google Search Gifs, Mashable. If BuzzFeed has taught us anything it's that a Gif can go a long way. While not all platforms and media except the animated photo I'm happy to see Google recognizing the need for easy search capability. If only we had an app that allowed us to organize all our favorite Gif blogs (yes, I'm still upset about the Google Reader news.) – Brooke

Amazon CEO recovers sunken Apollo engines, I always knew that Amazon was great at finding me sweet deals, and it appears their CEO is just as good at finding lost pieces of history. I thought it was cool that a relic from the first moon landing may have been recovered, and it was even cooler that a Seattlite found it. – Elizabeth

I’m in Mexico. Therefore my link is - Dan

Pop-up Hotels – Rooms with a Fleeting View, NY Times. I kind of love this idea. It’s been interesting to watch the pop-up shop trend grow and it makes total sense to bring it to hotels. The unique views, VIP treatment and luxurious quality of these hotel rooms play really well, giving guests the feeling of total exclusivity. I’d stay in one for sure! Would you? – Chelsey

A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control, TechCrunch. This story absolutely shatters the None Of This Needed To Happen scale. In short, some guy at a programming conference made a joke about his "Dongle" — in short, an adapter cable for your computer — and a woman sitting in front of him took offense. She snapped a picture of him, tweeted it and blogged about the joke. Fast forward to today: Both people involved have been fired from their respective companies, one of said companies' websites suffered a DDOS attack, possibly as retribution for part of what went down, and…just go read it. Read it and remember two things: (1) There's no separation between work and personal anymore. Social media is everywhere, and how you act reflects on everyone you're associated with. (2) You don't get to decide which of your content goes viral. It takes nothing to stop for two seconds and think, "If this were the one piece of content I was known for, would I be OK with that?" – Paul

InstaArt, PSFK. Maybe it’s because I recently moved from an apartment to a house and now have excess bare walls, but this really grabbed my attention. A new startup called Instathis turns your Instagram photos into framed art with a few clicks of the mouse. Expect an update soon, as I’ll be trying this out in the coming weeks. – Matthew

Kit Kat Challenges Oreo to Tic-Tac-Toe for Twitter Fan's Affection. Mashable. After a fan mentioned that she loved both Kit Kats and Oreos in a Twitter post, Kit Kat challenged Oreo to a Tic-Tac-Toe challenge for her affection. I'm not the social media specialist, but love what this idea stands for. Firstly, it recognized the fan and pursued a meaningful conversation. Secondly, it's what social media should be, quick and relevant. I can only imagine how many rounds of feedback and approvals this concept went through, but to the public, it was seamless and fun, just like Kit Kat's brand. Now that it's Friday, we can all #haveabreak. - Maria