The Curator News Feed: May 23, 2014

This week we discovered both @YouDidNotEatThat on Instagram and McDonald's Paris' pretty, new minimalist ads. Plus, much more. Read on for the whole teams' favorite links! Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.00.53 PM

Michael Jackson Hologram Sings, Moonwalks at Billboard Music Awards, Rolling Stone. Because holograms. And MJ. That is all. -- Noelle

Bloggers And PR: How To Plan The Perfect Date, Huffington Post. I love the idea of bringing PR folks and bloggers together to talk about how to better communicate with one another. This is a great reminder for those of us who work with not only bloggers but do my kind of media outreach. -- Chelsey

How to Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice and Tone, Buffer Blog. Creating the voice and tone of a brand's social media presence is not easy. This is one of the best posts I've seen on how to do it well. -- Paul

If I Were 22: Don't Get Married Too Soon (And Always Make Your Boss Look Good), LinkedIn. Found this series to be an interesting read--what advice would you give to today's 22 year olds? Here's an example of just one of the posts. And, check out my blog post from earlier in the week for a little more elaboration. -- Megan

The best optical illusions of 2014 are truly mind-bending stuff, Sploid/Gizmodo. Here are the best optical illusions of 2014. I love stuff like this that so starkly illustrates how little we can trust our own eyes and minds. Pay particular attention to No. 2, by the way—it's essentially the reason you think the sky is blue, when in fact it's about equal parts blue and violet. -- Paul

NASA is getting ready to communicate with aliens using a new strategy, Sploid/Gizmodo. NASA is reconsidering how humans might communicate with other intelligent life if we ever encounter it, and they're looking at Earth's history as a sort of testing ground. Essentially, they want to look at ancient manmade structures, assume for the sake of experimentation that they were made by aliens, and use that as a test for what we might do if we found similar artificial constructs somewhere else in the universe. It's a gargantuan task, and we should be glad NASA is thinking of it. Think just for a second how easily a simple message here on Earth can be confused: Smile at a stranger in downtown Seattle and you're just being polite; smile at a gorilla in a Congolese jungle, and you're dead. -- Paul

McDonald's Unveils the Simplest Ads It's Ever Made, AdWeek. McDonald's Paris has some sweet new ads. I prefer these way more to the ads we see here in the states. Also, is anyone else hungry? -- Chelsey

@YouDidNotEatThat, Instagram. My cheap entertainment for the week has been the anonymous Instagram account, "You Did Not Eat That." The profile simply reads, "Speaking the truth in this mixed up world of too many macarons and ice cream cones. Because really...#youdidnoteatthat." I first learned of it from this Q&A between the Instagrammer and New York Magazine. He/she shares why they've had enough of fashion bloggers pretending to eat all those pink and buttery pastries.  -- Ann Marie

Disney's First Trailer For Big Hero 6 Is Wildly Adorable, io9. This film will be an interesting endeavor for the recent Disney buyout of Marvel. Step aside Brad Bird, this may be Disney/Marvel's answer to the 2004 hit 'The Incredibles'. -- Colin

8 Scientifically-Backed Ways That You Can Choose To Be Happy, Huffington Post. Because who doesn't want to be happier? This article explains why happiness is a choice. "Cultivating a positive mindset could boost well-being and improve workers' performance on many levels, from productivity to creativity and engagement." -- Annie