Annoyed With Twitter’s New Favorites-In-Your-Timeline Feature? Use Lists.

The Art of Twitter Twitter has gone all Facebook on us and changed the way your timeline works. From now on, tweets that people you follow favorite can show up in your timeline.

It’s weird, because that feature ostensibly already exists in the form of retweets, but if it’s something that annoys you, there’s an easy way around it: Twitter Lists.

Lists may be the most underused and underrated Twitter feature. They’re phenomenal from a productivity standpoint. Once you’ve set them up and themed them—some of my most-used, for example, are Social Media, Mariners (news), Friends and (national/international) News—your X-thousand followers instantly turn into a couple dozen per list who are focused on a narrowly defined topic.

The upshot is that you spend less time mindlessly scrolling and looking for something to interact with. And the other upshot is of course that lists won’t show you randomly favorite tweets.

For now.


"The Art of Twitter" by mkhmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0