The Most Social-Savvy Emmy Awards Ever?

Emmys 2014
Emmys 2014

Last night marked the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, and whether or not you laughed at Seth Meyers’ jokes, got teary-eyed during Billy Crystal’s tribute to Robin Williams (R.I.P. Robin) or chuckled at Gwen Stefani’s mispronunciation of the Colbert Report (Colberg anyone?), the real highlight of the show was following along on social media.

Big-time award shows like the Oscars and Emmys have become less conservative and more conversational in recent years, and this year’s Emmys was no exception. While the awards show didn’t have a big social media moment like the famous Oscar selfie with Ellen DeGeneres, the Emmys did step up its social media game with activations like the following:

Exclusive content: Leading up to the Emmys, fans were treated to rehearsal footage and backstage sneak peaks of preparation for the show, using the @LateNightSeth social handles.

Vine 360 Station: The Today Show’s Vine 360 cam gave celebs a chance to take a spin and show off their red carpet looks. The clips were posted on the show’s social media accounts. Check it out here.

Facebook Selfie Station: Facebook and NBC partnered to give famous faces the opportunity to stop by the station and capture a quick selfie while making their way down the red carpet. You can check out their selfies on the NBC Facebook page.

Facebook Mentions Box: You may have seen “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush lugging around the Facebook Mentions Box, a device allowing celebrities to answer questions from fans. Stars shook the box like a Magic 8-Ball and answered a random question using the device's camera. Check out this example from Jason Biggs on the “Access Hollywood” Facebook page.

Twitter zipline camera: Twitter used the Emmys to debut a Twitter-branded zipline camera featuring red carpet and pre-show footage, used by “Access Hollywood” and posted on NBC’s official Vine and Twitter pages, giving fans a bird’s-eye view of glammed up stars.

Official Twitter correspondent: Twitter also brought on comedian Retta from “Parks and Recreation” to share snippets from the evening in 140 characters or less. You can check out her hilarious insights here and here.

Twitter GIFbooth: Twitter also created a GIFbooth to capture backstage moments and celeb reactions to the awards.

The increased incorporation of social media into awards shows like the Emmys has allowed fans more access than ever before to one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, from the rush of the red carpet to backstage musings. At any point in the evening, viewers had a chance to actively engage with the show in real-time, which is what social media is all about, right?

By the way, in case you missed the Emmys, here’s a short list of some of my favorite moments from the show:

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