Why You Need To Be Using Sosh

I recently moved from the Eastside to downtown Seattle. And, lucky for me, I live with two really adventurous out-of-state roommates, which means I get to re-discover Seattle, block by block. I'm seeing the city through new eyes. Recently, some fellow Curators told me about Sosh. It's actually both an app and website for discovering everything from your new favorite happy hour or corner cafe, to local events curated around your specific tastes. Currently operating for San Francisco, New York and Seattle (with more cities coming soon), Sosh serves you up a perfectly planned social calendar, and you only have to do the things you want, and have time for. Let's face it. We're all busy, but in our free time we deserve to spend it doing something we truly enjoy. The picture below shows a sample calendar of activities Sosh thinks I'd be interested in (and for the most part, I am. See how that works?)

Tulip arrangement class? Sign me up!

The best thing about Sosh is it's so intuitive. It's addicting, and uber useful. Have friends coming in town? Don't stress. Need a place to meet an old friends after work? Sosh it. It's easy to use, too. Just create an account (I signed in with Facebook so I can connect with other friends using the service), then, click on the categories, activities and neighborhoods you're interested in (brunch, nature appreciation, food trucks & pop ups, concerts, theaters & shows; Greenlake, Eastlake, Queen Anne, Ballard, Capitol Hill.) As you browse the suggestions you can bookmark activities or add a tip for other users.

Soon you'll have a suggested social calendar, brimming with ideas. I'm loving the Sosh Concierge. For example, one of my suggestions was to try out the new Nacho Borracho in Capitol Hill. The Sosh Concierge tells me,

"Nacho: a delicious, cheesy, perfect-for-late-night snack. Borracho: the Spanish word for "drunk". From the owners of Montana comes a hotspot where boozy slushies (think frozen avocado margaritas), tequila cocktails, and a "Wa-Mex" menu create the perfect storm to take on Broadway's bar scene."

Plus, there's the Sosh Insider, which gives you tips on the "Must Try" menu item. It's like having that friend who always knows the under-the-radar hot spot and the one thing you can't miss there.

I could go on and on about this brilliant service, but instead, just log on to Sosh and try it for yourself. Maybe I'll see you at the next Dim Sum cooking class or Beecher's wine and cheese happy hour!