How to Tweet Like an Oscar Winner

Ladies and Gentlemen charge your iDevices, the 86th Annual Academy Awards has arrived! For the last 85 years, the Academy Awards has been making history and celebrating those who give us motion pictures. It is only the last 8 of those years has Twitter been reinventing how you watch the primetime event. The last few years I find myself more intrigued by the conversations on Twitter than the award show itself (Anne Hathaway and James Franco partially to blame). So while you're tweeting, why not make Oscar proud of your account during the main event? oscars-on-twitter

Be Plugged In No one likes an uninformed Tweeter. Before the stars even step onto the red carpet, E! News will be livestreaming exclusive looks starting at 10:30am PST. I think 7 hours of bonus footage will get you warmed up for the big show. Plus during the show always be aware, you don't want to miss a celeb fall like Jennifer Lawrence. BONUS: Once the show calls it a night, try to check back into E! News livestream as in years past their comedian BFFs will monitor the Oscars lobby and furiously discuss the nights best moments over cocktails.

Don’t Forget to Share Just because Twitter allows endless 140 character tweets doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks during the event. Share your own thoughts where it counts but look for others commentary that can elevate your own feed. Fashion stylists who dressed the stars will most likely be sharing details so pour yourself a glass of champagne and retweet the experts.

Monitor Behind the Scenes What is Wolfgang Puck serving this year? These are questions that the stars themselves might answer via their own social media channels. This thorough list gives you to the top Twitter accounts to follow to maximize your Oscar knowledge!

  Remember It’s a Party For a large amount of the Academy Award attendees, they are there for the party and reconnecting with old friends. As you follow the entertainment on Twitter, engage with new contacts and revel in the excitement of this big night! It also goes without being said that your party can be offline too with an Oscars drinking game.

Enjoy the show and tweet with me @Brookeandersen & @Curatorpr!