The Power of Blog Ambassadors


At the beginning of 2017, Curator initiated a pilot blogger ambassador program with Simon Property Group, a global leader in premier shopping, dining, and entertainment centers.

After seeing promising results from earlier one-off and ad hoc blogger activity, Curator proposed a strategy that paired one local blogger with a Simon shopping center in their area for a yearlong partnership. Before rolling this program out broadly, Simon wanted to test the blog ambassador concept on key shopping centers in the West Region, including Stanford Shopping Center, Brea Mall and Northgate Mall. We conducted in-depth research to identify blogger partners that aligned with each center’s key shopper demographic and had the right mix of followers and proven follower engagement. For some centers, the right partner was a mom blogger with credibility with local families. For others, it was a lifestyle blogger that inspires fashion-forward shoppers. For example, Stanford Shopping Center joined forces with the Bay Area’s incredible boss lady and mom, Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things, to celebrate the holidays with family Santa photos and Jeanne’s gift guide recommendations. Additionally, Santa Rosa Plaza partnered with the gorgeous Sonoma County blogger, Erika Altes of Whiskey and Lace, to showcase chic back-to-school fashions for her and her preschooler.

The single-blogger ambassador model helped each center achieve longer-term exposure across the blogger partners’ digital channels throughout the year. Blogger partners became informal spokespeople for the centers, as opposed to the short-lived blitz of seasonal or initiative-based arrangements. Each blogger obtained an in-depth understanding of Simon’s brand and each shopping destination’s overall offerings. Ultimately, the content allowed Simon to promote its centers as more than shopping malls, but also lifestyle destinations that encompass shopping, dining and entertainment.

In total, these blogger partnerships yielded nearly 200 pieces of content and millions of impressions in 2017. Beyond these results, as part of our work as a lifestyle PR agency, the blogger ambassador program allowed Simon to cultivate deeper relationships with bloggers and their digital communities.

Some highlights of the yearlong blogger ambassador program include:

·       Long-term partnerships maximized budget as many bloggers offered package rates due to the depth and length of the engagement. 

·       Simon was able to repurpose the beautiful images from blogger ambassadors for the social media channels at each shopping center to cross promote and fully leverage the content developed. Looking ahead, there are additional opportunities for this visual content with dedicated Instagram campaigns and email marketing.

·       Events co-hosted with blogger partners can draw larger and fresh audiences. It also made event programming more interesting with bloggers serving as entertainers and emcees. This is a great experiential marketing tactic to incentivize attendance. 

·       While our partners created beautiful images in 2017, we’re working with ambassadors now to add more video into the mix. For example, Instagram stories are an important extension of Instagram posts and blog posts that enjoy astonishing engagement.

This is the third in our spring series on influencer marketing. If you missed our earlier posts, take a read for a crash course in influencer marketing and using Instagram to connect with audiences.

Using Instagram to Connect with Audiences


Welcome to our second post in the March blog series on influencer marketing! we hope you found last week’s introduction and FAQs for influencer relations to be instructive and insightful. As a lifestyle PR agency, this week, we’re sharing some of our experience helping brands use Instagram to connect with important audiences.

Beyond traditional press coverage, Instagram is a powerful way to engage with the right people at the right time. As one of the fastest growing social destinations, Instagram currently has 121MM monthly active users. Note that 60 percent are female and 55 percent are Millennials. Moreover, the community on Instagram averages 25-35 minutes per day.

Colorado Mills, the largest outlet and value retail destination in Colorado, recognized the value of connecting with Instagram’s audience, but needed to significantly grow its own audience of followers on Instagram to make an impact.

Curator designed a year-round influencer program with parenting and lifestyle bloggers to speak to local suburban families and Millennials. Four different Denver bloggers created content to highlight critical retail seasons such as Mother’s Day, back-to-school and the holidays. The bloggers shared their shopping experiences in blog posts and amplified that content across their social channels. To see the program in action, read our Mother’s Day gift guide from Denver supermom, Marisa Atwood of Penny Wise Mama. Her Instagram post pushed her followers the Colorado Mills Instagram for a daylong takeover.

Additionally, we worked with the bloggers to execute a “takeover” of the Colorado Mills Instagram channel to cross-promote her content and followers. We also offered a gift card giveaway requiring contest entrants to follow Colorado Mills on Instagram to be eligible to win. The results exceeded expectations, with more than two million impressions from the content and a 300 percent increase in followers and significant increase in engagement.

By focusing on a strategy that leaned into Instagram, we developed a unique and ownable position by giving suburban families and Millennial shoppers an experiential reason to choose Colorado Mills. Tune in next week for our third series post on the power of blog ambassadors! Don’t forget to catch up on last week’s crash course in influencer marketing here.

Influencer Insight: How To Utilize YouTube

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

With the help of social media, influencers have an easy platform to reach their audience and tell them what products they love, and in turn, what products they should purchase. Traditionally, one platform that has been incredibly effective in convincing the public to make purchases has been YouTube – especially for beauty products. Thanks to its visual capacities, YouTube has evolved into the beauty forum of the web, making it the ideal spot for beauty companies to advertise their products through partnerships with famous vloggers. The power of YouTube lies in the fact that it’s soley driven by video content, which is something that other social platforms don’t offer.

We’ve all heard the names of household YouTube beauty vloggers: Bethany Motta, Michelle Phan, Zoella, and many others. But what makes these vloggers so powerful? To get over five million subscribers they must be doing something right!

Last month, I found myself in the Nordstrom makeup department buying the Armani Silk Foundation after Bethany Motta claimed it was the only foundation she used in her 2017 Favorites Video. But why did I take her word for it? The foundation wasn’t cheap and I knew hardly anything about it other than that Bethany used and recommended it. She was a beauty vlogger I had never met, yet I found that I trusted her opinion nonetheless. As I took my new foundation out of the box and proudly set it into my makeup bag, I already looked forward to applying it the next day. I felt as though I had some sort of connection with Bethany, almost as if some of her expertise had rubbed off on me.

Here’s what I learned from my experience with beauty blogger recommendations:

  1. YouTube beauty vloggers create a personality for themselves through their channels, which creates a level of trust between them and their viewers.

They don’t limit their videos to simply selling products, rather they engage with viewers and give them insight into their own lives. When you subscribe to their channel, you are subscribing to an inside look at their life. They not only give their viewers advice on beauty, but they also talk about fashion, hair, relationships, jobs, and everything else in between. After Bethany’s seven minute video, I felt as if I had interacted with her in a sense, I wanted to recreate the look she modeled and felt as if I could trust her as I would a friend, which is ultimately what led me to take her advice and go out and buy that specific product.

     2.    They make buying makeup easier.

There are so many different makeup options currently on the market that, to be honest,  it can be overwhelming. When I walk into Sephora to look around, more times than not, I find myself leaving empty handed because I am so flustered by their wall to wall selection to choose from. Beauty vloggers help to narrow down our options, they tell you which products to buy and why. Suddenly, the number of different products seems much less intimidating. After Bethany’s recommendation, I confidently walked into the makeup department and immediately knew what I wanted to purchase.

     3.    They have become opinion leaders.

Brands want to work with vloggers because they are the top influencers in the makeup industry. They are in the first group to try new products, and when they recommend them, everyone else follows suit. For example, when beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill partnered in creating Champagne Pop, it broke Sephora’s records as being the most purchased product. Jaclyn was an opinion leader within the beauty community, and when she showed support for a product, the entire makeup community wanted to try it.

YouTube beauty vloggers have changed the way people decide which makeup they purchase. Whether you follow their advice or just watch their videos, they have become a key part in how makeup companies sell their products. Share your favorite YouTube beauty vlogger with us in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions: Influencer Relations

FAQ About Influencer Relations.jpg

Throughout March, we are sharing a five-part blog series on influencer marketing! Topics will provide insights and how-to based on our experiences, ranging from the power of blog ambassadors to working with influencers to amplify an event.

Some of our clients have had questions about influencer relations and if it’s the right move for their company, so we felt this was the perfect place to begin the conversation.

To augment a smart PR campaign, there is often a strategic place for influencer relations to be weaved in. Below, we’ve taken some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received and shared some insights.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing encompasses the efforts by brands to build relationships and engage in partnerships with key individuals who have considerable influence with a desired audience. There have always been people whose opinions carry considerable weight or inspire others to action, and today, many of those voices are found online. This type of marketing involves both organic and paid relationships with folks on different blog or social media platforms that cultivate large and engaged communities.

Why should I work with an influencer?

Working with influencers is a great way to get a brand or product in front of a curated group of people. For example, if you’re a children’s apparel company, then working with a mom blogger is ideal for reaching parents who have the purchasing power in a family. Similarly, working with a YouTuber who climbs mountains and skydives allows a brand to get in front of consumers who are adventure seekers.

According to the 2015 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, 66 percent of worldwide respondents reported to “completely or somewhat trust” the recommendations of editorial coverage, whereas those surveyed said their level of trust went up to 83 percent when the recommendation comes from an influencer.

As a lifestyle PR agency, we’re big believers in the power of influencers. In 2016, our client Ably launched a line of technologically advanced clothing that repels liquids, stains and odors. Curator brokered a partnership between Ably and the nomadic adventurer behind Expert Vagabond when the brand was launching via a Kickstarter. More than a year after that partnership, Ably is still tracking web traffic that is directly attributed to the Expert Vagabond post

What does it cost to work with an influencer?

Unlike working with traditional media and reporters, working with influencers usually involves a budget. It’s important to remember that being a blogger or an influencer is a business venture and a source of income for your potential partner. When negotiating cost of a partnership and forms of payment, remember that it takes time and there are costs associated with the creation of their content on your behalf.

If you don’t have any budget available, some influencers accept trade, such as complimentary experiences or product. An example of an enticing trade would be a free weekend at the hotel you’re asking them to help you promote, or a beautifully curated kit filled with cosmetics to review that would amount to an equivalent dollar amount to their required cost of partnership. Not all influencers will work for trade, though, and some will require a check or gift card as payment. There is no set system to determine cost of partnership, but many established influencers and bloggers have their own media kits and rate cards that outline their fees.

Another factor of cost is what your scope of work looks like. A scope of work is an agreement that outlines the program deliverables with influencer and it defines the investment of the partnership. Are you working with them for a one-time Instagram post or are you looking for a yearlong blogger ambassador partnership? The cost of these two different activations will be very different.

Bigger is better, right?

Not always. The magic word we’re looking for is “engagement.”

If you’re looking to get the most eyeballs on a post of a product, then bigger can be better, but just because people are seeing your content doesn’t mean there’s an action attached to it. That action is made through engagement, which means the influencer’s followers are liking, commenting and interacting with their social or blog posts, ideally resulting in a desired action.

Desired action can vary based on what the campaign is designed around: enter a contest, buy a product, tag a friend, follow the brand, attend an event, etc. Studies show that micro-influencers, influencers with 1,000-100,000 social media followers, often have more engaged followers, making them the best choice for brand campaigns. Their concentrated follower count also comes with a smaller price tag, which makes them a great asset and partner for brands who are still testing the waters with influencer campaigns.

How is success measured?

The success of a campaign is measured by the desired action and results that capture ROI. Was our client able to obtain 100 email addresses through a contest? Did their Facebook page increase in likes by 10 percent? Was the discount code used in online transactions? Did the event see additional RSVPs?

In addition to engagement, which was outlined above, and similar to how we measure traditional media placements (newspapers, magazines, podcasts), we also measure success through impressions, or the amount of people who could have seen a post, image, Tweet, blog post or video. A more qualitative form of measurement, the more impressions you earn, the more likely you are to be introduced to a potential customer and the more likely you are to have your potential customer take an action with your brand.

Come back next week to read about using Instagram to connect with audiences! For ongoing updates and news, follow Curator on social media! Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @curatorpr.

Not Your Typical Makeup Tutorial: Learning from Tarte Cosmetics About Social Media


Social media has brought a variety of ways for folks to communicate with each other and for brands to reach the broader public. As an essential life tool for users, and maybe even more so for brands, it is crucial to know how to utilize each social platform to be effective in getting messages out. As we learn more about the best social media practices, we’re often learning through examples and missteps from other people or brands.

Take, for example, the recent controversy with Tarte Cosmetics, a popular, high-end makeup brand. In 2016, the brand launched “Shape Tape” concealer, which has been dubbed by beauty experts as the best concealer on the market, causing fans to beg Tarte for a “Shape Tape” foundation. In 2017, the brand hinted at a foundation launch and fans were in a makeup-educed frenzy. Unfortunately, when the foundation shades were released, Tarte was hit by a storm of disappointment. The foundation launched with 15 shades total, a flop in the cosmetic industry when other brands create foundations with at least 30 shades, promoting equality and inclusivity. Out of the 15 shades, there are only three dedicated to people of color. The lack of diversity made the launch of “Shape Tape” foundation a complete let down, and upset consumers took to their social platforms to express their feelings.

The quick wave of criticism resulted in Tarte disabling its comment section on Instagram. It took Tarte two days to respond to the comments about the foundation launch, which was done through a strategically placed interview with POPSUGAR, which backfired after a rep’s comments about shades being added seasonally because of complexion changes (insert facepalm). Tarte then took to its Instagram to respond to users. Creating an Instagram story, Tarte said the excitement and desire to push the product caused them to have a limited number of shades. The brand also made it clear that it would make a point to try harder to do better in the future, apologizing and taking responsibility for lacking inclusion for all users. While the story seemed to be genuine, Instagram only posts stories for 24 hours, unless utilizing the “highlight” function to prolong the time, which was not used.  Although Tarte’s initial announcement about the foundation was posted to its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, the brand only addressed the issue on Instagram, instead of all three outlets.

Here are three things we can learn from Tarte’s product launch missteps:

1.     Be timely, but not sloppy

Waiting two days to respond to such backlash was Tarte’s biggest communication mistake. In a time when social media is the first place consumers go to let their voices be heard, it’s important for companies to utilize their platforms in the same way. However, being timely shouldn’t mean slacking on the sincerity of the message. It’s important for brands to be thoughtful in their response.

2.     Be respectful and take responsibility


When Tarte disabled its comment section on the Instagram post, it was seen as ignoring the negative feedback from followers and not caring about the situation at hand. With a highly anticipated product such as “Shape Tape” foundation, Tarte’s priority should have been taking responsibility by accepting the comments being posted and responding in a way that showed genuine listening and care.  


3.     Know your platforms (and how to use them)

As communicators, we know we can’t assume our client’s audience is engaged across all platforms. Tarte promoted the product launch on all three of its social media platforms, but only addressed the issue on its Instagram, even though the initial negative conversation started on Twitter. Twitter users who don’t follow the brand on Instagram and didn’t view its story missed out on its apology and reasoning.

The communication mistakes made by Tarte were significant and consequential. With this in mind, we must learn from its errors and keep this campaign flop in mind as we use and advise our client’s social media strategy.

What do you think? Comment below

10 Blossoming Fashion Trends to Replicate this Spring

cowboy boots

To those who eagerly await the golden glory of Spring, we have bad news. Last week, Punxsutawney Phil, the legendary groundhog of Pennsylvania, emerged from his hole only to catch sight of his shadow. This year, we’ll have to suffer through another six weeks of winter before we can rip off our winter coats and throw on our cowboy boots.

Yes, you heard right! C-O-W-B-O-Y B-O-O-T-S. According to fashion industry buzz, cowboy boots are predicted to make a comeback this spring as well as ‘60s floral print and ‘90s Matrix sunglasses. Don’t believe us? Just look at recent photos of Bella Hadid, RiRi, or, our favorite spring breaker, Selena Gomez.

Starting to sweat because your current wardrobe consists primarily of oversized sweatshirts and fuzzy socks? Don’t worry. We have you covered. To make your life easier, we have compiled a short, simplified list of industry trends to help you kick-off the start of Spring!

  1. Lavender. Not millennium pink. Lavender.
  2. Clothes. Who even needs them? Throw on a tulle skirt or dress over your undergarments, and you should be fine.
  3. Looking for something a little more durable? Try pairing a transparent, plastic coat with matching Lucite shoes and/or a clear handbag.
  4. Denim! Denim! Denim! (Dark) Denim everything.
  5. Need a little more pizzazz? Show off fun and daring prints this Spring! (e.g. patriotic stars and strips, shimmer and art-infused prints).
  6. Let loose with feather and fringe adorned garments, jewelry, shoes, and purses!
  7. Embrace the sun by following Kim K.’s lead. Buy yourself a pair of must-have cycling shorts.
  8. Or, for a more conservative day-look, try out a utilitarian jumpsuit.
  9. For those brisk spring mornings or chilly evenings, sport windbreakers, parkas, or anoraks.
  10. Go big or go home! That’s our motto when it comes to accessorizing. Be bold this spring, and flaunt statement pieces, such as straw hats.


P.S. These are some honorable mentions we loved: industrial-grade rubber apparel, ruching, asymmetrical necklines, fanny packs, black and white polka dots, white tank tops/pantsuits, puffy shoulders

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Introducing Brittany, the new kid on the block!


Hey! My name is Brittany Mann and I’m the newest to the Curator team as an Assistant Account Executive. I was born in Nashville and grew up in Beverly Hills, MI (yes, there is one in Michigan). Before moving to Seattle, I took a stopover in Eugene (ScoDucks!) to be a part of the University of Oregon’s Track and Field team where I had great experiences competing as an All-American athlete, including the opportunity to compete at the U.S. Olympic Trials. During my time in Oregon I developed my love for the PNW, studied marketing, and created a program that established an annual field day for Deaf students in the state of Oregon, which grew to include students from Washington.

After spending four years in Eugene, I took a little vacation to sunny LA to get my Master’s degree in Communication Management from USC and spent a season as a member of the Trojan track team (Fight On!). While in LA, I realized how much I missed the green and seasons of the PNW and decided to make the move to Seattle.

Being a student-athlete, I was given a unique look into the world of media, sports marketing and public relations, sparking my interest for a new career. At both universities I attended, I was honored to be named team captain, providing me opportunities to have more direct interaction with the media and helping me understand the impact of a powerful story.  I’m excited to join the Curator team and translate my experiences on and off the field to the business world. 

Outside of the office you will most likely find me in the kitchen baking up some delicious recipe, while simultaneously yelling at whatever sports team is on (I blame all three of my brothers and my football coach father for turning me into the little girl from the movie Remember the Titans).  I’m so excited to begin my new adventure in Seattle, a city that has so much to explore.

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