Swansons Nursery's growth had been flat for years despite large swings in advertising costs and massive population growth around their retail footprint. Curator’s competitive and demographic research highlighted a promising segment to target: “Gardening Freshmen.” This audience is represented in the massive influx of young home-buying professionals, with relative inexperience in gardening, in the north Seattle region. Their transition from renting to owning, their desire to maximize new spaces, their unique DIY attitude, and their adoption of technology and social media to problem-solve and seek information led Curator to develop a platform with one purpose - to help.


The Grow With Us Project was created to help these “Gardening Freshmen” and seasoned pros with their projects in a personal, informative, and actionable way. The Grow With Us Project exists in the mediums that these digital natives rely on, all while highlighting the expertise and customer service Swanson’s is so famously known for. 

The Grow With Us Project is built on a simple hashtag, #heyswansons, which is natural enough to be neighbor-like. #Heyswansons can be used to ask a question or to proudly show off a finished project.

How it works:

1. Consumer snaps a pic of a project they want ideas or help with

2. They tag it #heyswansons on Twitter or Instagram

3. Swanson’s replies to get more details and creates real conversation

4. Swanson’s posts a mobile-optimized inspiration board
    • Pinterest is used as the content management service
    • Items are tied to actual in-store inventory
    • 10% coupon is attached to each inspiration board
    • Sales metrics are tracked at the register

5. Swanson’s famous customer service just became amplified via social 

We launched influencer programs, advised operational business processes, implemented Pandora campaigns, led community outreach events, shifted an annual sale into a successful fashion-inspired event, and are approaching a 5 year sales goal in under 8 months.


+1 Million

Impressions via social (in just 4 weeks)

Set New

Single day sales records

Set New

Single week sales records