Safeco Insurance was looking to raise its awareness nationwide but didn’t have a national budget to support. They found themselves competing with companies that are known for having some of the nation’s largest media budgets, making it hard to be heard in a very cluttered environment. To top it off, insurance isn’t typically a category consumers consider “lifestyle” or one with which they want to have a relationship.  People typically consider insurance in only two (unfavorable) instances: when it’s time to renew their policy or when they’ve had an accident.  So how did we help Safeco stand out as being known for insuring the “life involved’–their target audience— and those who like to “do more?”  Further, we set out to create a platform that would allow Safeco’s customers to interact with the brand in a far more favorable, and frequent light.


Our idea was to move the discussion about Safeco out of the insurance world altogether and into the lifestyles of the “life involved” – people who own cars and boats and motorcycles and RVs waiting to be taken out of the driveway and be driven. We partnered with Wintr to create LiveLifeLocal, a social platform and website that connected people who love their particular vehicle and all that comes with it to others who share that passion. We created branded content about places to go and things to do with boats, cars, RVs and motorcycles; Insider experts provided tips and knowledge that couldn’t be found elsewhere; and curated a selection of content from across the Web that demonstrated clearly to people that Safeco “gets me and my lifestyle.” The site and its various social media platforms introduced people to the Safeco brand in a new way by the context of the fun things they already love to do and the vehicles in which they do them…all things Safeco insures. A full-scale media relations effort, authored article placement, reciprocal content partnerships with other websites attuned to these vehicles, and sweepstakes were all additional tactics designed to bring LiveLifeLocal and Safeco Insurance front and center with the “life involved.”


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