Meet the Fall Interns: Introducing Megan

Megan Mei.jpg

Hello everyone! My name is Megan, and I am a fourth-year student at the University of Washington studying Communication. This quarter, I am excited to be taking my first PR class at school and using this opportunity to apply my classwork at my internship and vice versa, not to mention spending this fall working at Curator alongside the incredible team here.

Growing up, I moved around a lot, from the East Coast to cities in southern China back to the East Coast, then the West Coast. From that experience, I developed a huge passion for traveling. The list of places I want to visit is long but Turkey is most likely my next destination. In my free time, I like to experiment with food and making my roommates my guinea pigs for my creations. When it's sunny out, you will most likely find me wandering around town, going to coffee shops, parks, and photo-worthy locations - though I wouldn’t call myself a great photographer. I typically enjoy surrounding myself with energetic people at events and festivals. When the rainy season takes over, you will find me at home with my cat either watching one of the Marvel Universe movies or attempting to follow one of The Sorry Girls’ crafting tutorials on YouTube.

As I approach graduation, I want to take every opportunity available to learn new skills and explore different fields related to communication. While I am relatively new to PR, I am thrilled to be able to enhance my understanding of the industry. I look forward to working on my writing skills and more specifically improving my story-telling techniques during my time at Curator.