30 Days @CuratorPR

Thirty days into my new job at Curator and I gotta say (with all due deference to McDonald's)... i'm lovin' it! I kick myself every day over some new discovery, whether it's about the company, my coworkers, our clients or the area of the city where we are. Here's a taste of the good stuff (in no particular order) and why I'm proud to have joined the team:

1. Our street is made of bricks.
2. We have a sports bar downstairs, which is simultaneously awesome and dangerous. They have - and I'm not kidding - more than 1,000 spirits on their menu.
3. Directly across the street is a store called Ebbets Field Flannels, which sells old time baseball jerseys. They have really cool old stadium signs too, but they're not for sale, no matter how many times we ask.
4. People bypass major coffee players for either Zeitgeist or Caffe Umbria, each a few extra steps away.
5. My new gym is less than two blocks away, opens at 5 a.m. and I have to walk by it on the way in from the ferry, so if I skip a day, I have to walk past it in shame.
6. There's a store down the street called Klondike Mercantile. While I'm not planning to go to the Yukon anytime soon, it's good to know that I can get supplied quickly if I change my mind.
7. We have Pearl Jam twenty (the book) in our reception area.
8. I've seen 75% of our team in on a weekend...and on their own accord, just to do stuff like drop stuff off from a Costco run, assemble a bookshelf or to give an unused espresso machine a new life at our caffeine-starved office.
9. I get to decorate however I want.

This includes hammering nails into bricks (you can do that, right?), using alphabet refrigerator magnets to label my files, and having plenty of Husky gear around.
10. Scott Battishill, Ann Marie Ricard, Julia Rachlin, Lisa Kennelly, Matthew Robinson and Megan Andrus. Need I say more?

If this is what the first 30 days are like, I can't wait until things really get rockin'.