The Curator News Feed: March 14, 2014

If you need a little mind stimulation this morning, you're in the right place, because we're buzzing about yoga moves, Sheryl Sandberg, DIY gift tags, blog topics, and even the internet itself!  The Curator team has curated their favorite pieces of the World Wide Web just in time for the weekend. Where do you hang out on the 'net? Blogging writer's block be damned.


MAP: This is What the Internet Looks Like, Business Insider. This is literally a map of all the underwater cables that connect the Internet from one continent to another. It's easy to forget, in our era of wirelessness, that somewhere, things still need to be physically connected. It's also somewhat amazing to realize that boats lay the cable down the way you'd lay down an extension cord: "Close to the shore, they trench it out, but at a certain distance from the coast it just lays on the bottom of the ocean." -- Paul

5 Yoga Moves to Help You De-Stress at Your Desk, KING5. Don't mind me if I start doing weird things at my desk. I'm just be de-stressing. -- Chelsey

Oscars Selfie Time-Lapse Drawing Is Golden, Mashable. If you thought the Oscar selfie was dead, think again. This is an insanely awesome time-lapse video of the famous selfie being drawn. -- Chelsey

Origami Master Makes a Life-Size Elephant From a Single Sheet of Paper, Paul. This is just cool: A guy folded a life-sized elephant with one 50-foot-by-50-foot sheet of paper. Includes video. -- Paul

via Gizmodo

I Am Tim Berners-Lee. I Invented the WWW 25 Years Ago and Am Concerned About Its Future, Reddit. A Reddit Ask Me Anything with world wide web inventor, Tim Berners-Lee. And the one Q&A that is making headlines and news fodder everywhere -- Q: "What was one of the things you never thought the internet would be used for, but has actually become one of the main reasons people use the internet?" Berners-Lee: "Kittens" -- Ann Marie

The Monitored Man, NYTimes Blog. Great piece on the rise, diversity and uses of wearable fitness trackers. The author makes the great point that these devises are only tools for gathering information - what one does with that information and whether or not they are motivated by it is up to the wearer. -- Matthew

Otto Steininger

The Problem With Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Ban Bossy’ Campaign, New York Magazine. Earlier this week, Lean In creator Sheryl Sandberg along with the Girl Scouts of America and Beyonce announced the launch of their "Ban Bossy" campaign in an effort to stop the use of the word. The response has been tepid and some journalists were down right offended by the notion. It seems as though not everyone is bothered by bossy. I appreciate the insight in this New York Magazine article and tend to agree with its author. There are far worse things women have been/are called and aren't there more important battles to fight when it comes to women's rights? What are your thoughts on bossy? -- Jennifer


HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator, HubSpot. We've been doing a blogging challenge this month—posting every day to the Curator blog—and this app from HubSpot is a game changer. It's exactly what it says it is: You punch in a few keywords, and it generates a week's worth of topic ideas for you. -- Paul

Spring Gift Tags in Kraft Paper and Vintage Roses, Lia Griffith Blog. I love all things DIY, and one day, I'll actually get around to trying out something on my Pinterest's pin board of the same name (everyone needs a fresh flower ampersand, guys). But for now, how perfect are these little gift tags, just in time for spring? And, the best part is there's a PDF for you to download, giving me no excuse not to make them! Now, who will I start gifting first? Lia never disappoints! -- Megan


Whales Inspire Meme for Vine Users, Yahoo. Move over Tebowing, owling and planking …whaling is the new craze in town! -- Noelle