Curator News Feed: October 11, 2013

A remote control tourist, crayon art, Ron Burgundy, and good chocolate for bad plane seats... must be another Friday at Curator! Sit back and relax this weekend with our some of our favorite reads. Enjoy! crayons1


Ron Burgundy's Hilariously Stupid Dodge Durango Campaign Is Destined for Greatness, AdWeek. Came across this brilliant cross-promotional campaign for Dodge Durango featuring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, ahead of "Anchorman 2" premiering this holiday season. Quick— staring contest! You win Ron, you always do. -- Noelle

Scribd, HarperCollins Launch $8.99 Subscription Book Service, Fast Company. If Netflix and Hulu can do it for movies and TV, and Pandora and Spotify can do it for music, why not Scribd and HarperCollins for books? Interesting concept...might just have to check it out. -- Dan

How an Ad Agency Made Up a Word to Sell Thousands of Them, AdWeek. Are you a 'phubber?' This campaign out of Australia successfully launched a new word and made it go viral, but it falls short on its goal to sell its low-tech product by addressing high-tech adopters. Nevertheless, we all could afford to stop 'phubbing.' Find out what it means here. -- Megan

Tourism Victoria: Remote Control Tourist, Creativity-Online. Love this project from Tourism Victoria - the Remote Control Tourist. Want to explore Melbourne from your desktop? You can tweet requests and follow along in real time as two explorers hit the town, touring wherever you tell them to. The amount of work that went into this project is impressive, and goes way beyond a simple dash-cam and smart phone setup. Check it out! -- Matthew



6 of the Best, Boldest Uses of Vine in Marketing, Fast Company. I've become an adopter of the Vine platform though I'm far from being a stop-motion genius. Many brands can view the 6 second time frame as very limiting but these brands show that limited means drive creativity. While Vine is only 6 seconds you might want to set aside 5 minutes for the most beautiful vine film from Airbnb. -- Brooke

Do You Have a Crappy Plane Seat? Then You're Eligible For A Chocolate Upgrade, Fast Co Create. For once, you may actually be hoping for the bad seat on your next flight based on Anthon Berg's latest campaign. Through a partnership with SeatGuru, the company offered passengers "chocolate upgrades" based on their boarding passes. The worse your seat, the bigger chocolate-filled gift you received. A great attention driver, but also an awesome way to put an end to those customer complaints! -- Annie

Diem Chau’s “A-Z: Northwest Natives” Crayon Sculptures, How Design Live. One of the things I love about this job is that I get to take things that may seem quite ordinary and find ways to show them in a new light. This is exactly what one Seattle artist did when she looked at a box of crayons and decided not to draw with them, but rather to make detailed, tiny sculptures of Northwest wildlife. Amazing. -- Ann Marie

Django Django - WOR, Vimeo. Just sit back and enjoy the show. -- Shawn

5 Free Apps that Make You More Fit, More Interesting, More Loyal, and Much More, Fast Company. Check out Fast Company's Free App Friday. This week's episode? Productivity. We're always looking for new productivity tools at Curator and I think some of these could make the list. -- Maria

While Productive People Work Well With Their Opposites, Fast Company. Our eclectic team might be proof enough that this theory is legit. -- Jennifer