Loco for Tacos

Pescado Tacos from Little Water Cantina

National Taco Day has got us all craving, bad!

Here's where everyone would go to get their favorite taco:

The Rusten House in Lancaster, CA. My family has been dining at this hole-in-the-wall restaurant for years. It's a must on all of my trips home. - Jennifer

If I'm having a taco I like to go full dirty on it — I like the roadside taco truck. Those guys know what they're doing. All of them. - Scott

La Sirena Gorda in Zihuatanejo – Ann Marie

Uh, duh — fish taco Friday at Taco Del Mar on 1st Ave – Paul

Señor Moose Café in Seattle – Shawn 

Hold up, I think Marination Mobile has Del Mar beat on Fridays, as they’re right across the ped bridge in ID. Their spicy pork tacos are killer. -- Matthew 

Little Water Cantina on Eastlake – Brooke 

Can I say Taco Time without judgement? Ok, in all seriousness, I pick La Casita in Sammamish. It's my family's go-to restaurant, so good! - Chelsey

I do love Marination's fish tacos, but have to admit my go-to is Chipotle. -- Megan

Ocean Beach, San Diego. (I'm looking at you Noelle) It's called South Beach Bar & Grille. They have the best fish tacos I've ever had, ever. And, I love tacos and I rarely honor anything as the "best." It's so legit. -- Maria

When I was living in LA, tofu tacos from the Kogi BBQ food truck were a nice treat, but here in SD there are probably too many to name! -- Noelle 

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- @CuratorPR