Technology changes, behaviors don't

Scott blog pic Today is a writing day for me. When I started my career, days like today were always my favorite. I'd fuel up on coffee, shut the door, and write.  A plan, media materials, long form thought content, whatever—it always feels the same. The day feels too busy to be able to concentrate, but then you shut the door and get in a flow.

Today I'm working on an RFP, and had the pleasure of writing the forward to my mentor Ron Elgin's upcoming book. Today is also my day on the blog calendar so between the three — and two strong Americanos — I've been writing all day.

A few days ago, in anticipation of today, I was brainstorming topics for my post and ran across this picture from a tweet from Social Media Insider (@socialmedia411). I loved it. One of the things we talk about at Curator as we ideate for a new campaign is that technologies and platforms change but behaviors don't. And that is what we try to tap into. People still need to love and feel loved. They want to belong. They want to enjoy a meal with friends. They want to capture a moment and create a memory.

The selfie wasn't created by the iPhone. It was created by a common human behavior. I wonder which filter those guys chose.