The Curator News Feed: February 1, 2013

With lots of talk about the big game this Sunday, it’s no surprise that many of our favorite reads this week are about the highly anticipated Super Bowl ads. But a few other stories caught our attention, including the decline of proper grammar use, a visual history of Lego's and the rising popularity of new social network, Vine.  

3 Ways Advertisers Can Use Vine, hasoffers. Among the 2013 class of rookie social networks, Vine appears to be the first one to break out (though Twitter is its parent company, so, of course). Vine is like a Twitter-for-videos — you shoot little video segments till they total six seconds, the result of which is a GIF-looking mini-movie, and then upload them to an Instagram-looking feed. If this sounds like a mishmash of various social networks and internet memes, well, it kind of is, but that hasn't stopped some users from getting creative with it. Check out the vines at the link from Gap, which shows off a (very) brief history of its advertising, and a Virginia coffee shop, which shows how latte art gets made. – Paul

5 Super Bowl Ads the Enlist Viewer Help, ABC News. With the Seahawks out, I am less excited for the Super Bowl than I was a few weeks ago, however I am still going to tune into the big game for the ads of course! I love reading all of the predictions and seeing the teasers, but this year I’m most looking forward to how brands will use their primetime ad spots to engage their audience. And it appears many already have. Pretty cool. – Chelsey

Most Viral Super Bowl Ads of All Time, Bloomberg Businessweek. The countdown has officially begun – Only two more days till the big game! While I’m still mourning the fact that the Seahawks won’t be playing this Sunday, I am pretty excited to check out which advertisements grace our screens this year. We’ve already seen some previews and teasers pop up from companies like Volkswagen, just adding to the anticipation. This week, Bloomberg Businessweek took us down a walk on memory lane to recap the most viral Super Bowl ads of all time. Personally, I hope the “E*Trade Baby” makes another appearance. What’s your bet on the company that will have the most viral ad this year? Can’t wait to find out! – Annie

Michael C. Moore - VIEWPOINT: Proper grammar ain't a thing like it used to was, Kitsap Sun. I was reading my local paper this weekend and came across this little ditty about the use of proper grammar in today’s digital age. And while it is my job to adapt to the changing landscape and take advantage of communications systems available and used by consumers today (e.g., Twitter), I can’t help but feel a kinship with Mr. Moore and hope that kids do learn and appreciate the importance of grammar in conveying context and meaning. B sure 2 tweet ur thots 2 @danmiller1973 – Dan

How The Usually Dry Annual Report Has Become Brands’ Secret Marketing Weapon, Creativity Online. This article talks about how a lot of companies are realizing that their annual report shouldn’t just contain the dry facts and figures, but that it’s an opportunity to connect with consumers and show the world what they’re all about. I’m sure you’ve heard of, or seen, Warby Parker’s Annual Report that blew up the interwebs the last two years, but there are some other great examples of companies flexing their creative muscles. – Megan

55 Years of the Brick, Facebook. As a father of a two year old in an iPad generation, I find myself working hard to make sure my son explores the world around him away from a screen. From Lincoln Logs to Lego's, building toys were a huge part of my childhood and something I want for Jax as he begins to discover the power of his imagination. Montreal agency "Brad" has created some beautifully inspired posters (55 of them of course) for this iconic brand's 55th anniversary. Brilliant and definitely worth checking out. – Shawn

Matt McInerney Scores With Redeisgned NFL Team Logos, If It's Hip, It's Here. This link celebrates the Superbowl this weekend, but it's not an article about predictions or commercials. This designer from New York gave all the NFL Team logos a modern twist. I'm as much of a retro fan as the next 80s child, but some of these are pretty rad. The Seahawks redesign definitely deserves a look. What's your favorite? – Maria

Samsung Next Big Thing, YouTube. Pass the nachos, please. The BIGGEST day in advertising is upon us. – Ann Marie