The Curator News Feed: May 17, 2013

This week we read about social media anxiety, TED Talks, lessons for startups and brushed up on our spelling and grammar. Check out these and our other favorite picks from the week here:

Meg Jay: Why 30 in Not the New 20, TED. Several of the TED Talks were shared this month, which got me pretty excited to watch many of the inspiring and thought-provoking speakers. There are so many that I’d love to highlight as my link of the week, but wanted to share a presentation I watched yesterday from clinical psychologist, Meg Jay. She dives into the importance of your 20s and how they are anything but the ‘throw away’ years that our culture has started to believe. As someone in my 20s, I found her talk really interesting (whether you agree with her philosophy or not). As Meg says, whether you are in your 20s or know and care for someone in their 20s, it’s worth watching.  – Annie

Solitude and Leadership. The American Scholar. This one takes some time to read, but it's worth it to take the time to think differently about what makes a great leader. Most of us have to be leaders on some level in our lives, and so I hope you can find something it applies to in your life. The first time I read this article, I was surprised, yet refreshed by the author's logic. – Maria

Five Startup Lessons From GoPro Founder and Billionaire Nick Woodman, Forbes. I'm nowhere near building my own start-up, but I think Nick's lessons are still relevant for anyone who's building a career. – Maria

Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets From Twitter Trolls, AllTwitter. We've all sent a snarky tweet at some point.  Sometimes we do it out of frustration, sometimes we do it lovingly (as I frequently do toward my favorite sports team, the Mariners) and sometimes it's just to get laughs. We figure it's a victimless crime, except that it's Twitter, so not only are there victims, but they're usually @ mentioned or hashtagged in the exact tweets we just sent. I'm not saying you shouldn't send snarky tweets, I'm just saying that it's possible and maybe even likely that someone actually is reading them. Hopefully if someone is, they'll have a sense of humor about it like these celebrities. (Fair warning: Possibly NSFW bleeped language in the video.) – Paul

Six Major Anxieties of Social Media, NY Mag. Does Twitter remind you of missing an episode of SNL and not understanding any of the jokes the cute boys in homeroom class make on Monday? Chances are you suffer from social media anxiety. – Brooke

How Google Unified its Products with a Single Index Card, FastCompany Design. For a brand not really known for its product design, this adaptation of our first form of mobile content display is wicked smart and incredibly scalable. Looks like big data is gonna start looking pretty. – Shawn

Beer can subway ticket, PSFK. How do you incentivize the use of public transit for partygoers? Let them use their empty beer cans as subway fare. Check out Antarctica Beer’s simple, brilliant campaign to get people out of their cars at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. – Matthew

Spelling & Grammar, YouTube. I have two links this week. The first is the Atari Outbreak on Google. And this one, which is more serious because it’s about spelling and grammar! Being the stickler that I am, this is worth a view for anyone who writes, posts, tweets or generally uses the English language. – Dan