The Curator's News Feed: September 21, 2012

Candy Corn Oreos

You know it's just about fall when Halloween treats and the return of our favorite TV shows are the talk of the office, but that’s not all we are excited about this week. We have two fantastic client events happening this weekend: Whole Foods Market will be at FEAST Portland and Simon Malls is celebrating its fall series of Simon Fashion Now at the Stanford Shopping Mall. If you are in either of those areas we highly recommend checking it out, but if not, then stay tuned for the photos and videos coming soon from our Curators who are there in the action! Happy Friday!

Feast Portland. Portland is one of my favorite food towns. And this weekend the nation's culinary spotlight will shine on Portland as Feast kicks-off — a new food & wine festival in partnership with Bon Appetit Magazine and presented by our client Whole Foods.  I'm packing my bag this morning and loosening my belt for an amazing line-up of local and national chef talent and winemakers. Hit me up if you'll be there. I'd love to say hi! – Scott

Simon Fashion Now – Fall 2012. Every year, Simon Malls hosts a spring and fall series of Simon Fashion Now, highlighting the hottest retailers and the season’s biggest cosmetic and fashion trends! This weekend we will be down in Palo Alto helping with the event at the Stanford Shopping Mall - if you’re in the area, come get your fashion on with us! – Julia & Matthew

West Wing Reunion, Eclecta Blog. When you're running a semi-obscure state Supreme Court campaign, it helps to have a sister who starred on The West Wing, and who's willing and able to reunite the cast to produce what's likely the best political campaign ad of the season. – Paul

Like Pinterest for Pros, A New Platform to Share Creative Inspiration, Fast Company. What do you get when you cross Prezi with Pinterest?! – Annie

Bellevue Fashion Week, Seattle Met.  #BellevueFW is kicking off next week and here’s a helpful guide about all the happenings. This is your up close look at each of the shows and what they have to offer—I cannot wait! – Johanna 

Public Cheat Sheet: Social Media for News, Google Docs. One of my favorite things this week — maybe all year — is Reuters social media editor Anthony DeRosa's "social media cheat sheet" he posted on Google Docs. It's loaded with great insights and tips on engaging sources/influencers/followers/etc., and is a great read for anyone in a communication industry. One of my favorite tips of his is listed in his section on Twitter: "Consider balancing the types of tweets with a ratio of posts addressing: (1) what you do; (2) what you love; and (3) who you are.” – Paul

The Perfect LinkedIn Status Update, PRDaily. It’s easy to spend time worrying about the right Tweets, Facebook statuses, and even Google+ posts, but many of us forget about little old LinkedIn. This infographic and mini guide can help get LinkedIn back on your plate of social posts. – Chelsey

What Makes Candy Corn Oreo a Viral Phenomenon? They’re Gross, Mashable. Wrong, wrong, wrong. No, not the Candy Corn-flavored cookies. That’s 100% right on. But Todd Wasserman’s accusation that they are gross. Ok, maybe I’m biased. If I had to choose only 1 food to eat for the rest of my life, Candy Corn would be carefully considered. So of course I was curious when I started reading about the Oreos on Washington Post, Gawker, Buzzfeed, Entertainment Weekly…oh, pretty much everywhere. It’s pretty amazing to note that upon launch of the product, Kraft had not done one single ad, posted anything to Facebook or even Tweeted about the heavenly Oreos. – Ann Marie

2012 Fall TV Premiere Schedule, Screen Rant. OK, my link this week has to do with the fact that it’s basically Premiere Week this week for most of the new and returning fall TV shows. From an advertising perspective, it’s interesting to see which brands tap into which shows, especially the new and unproven ones, risking dollars on eyeballs that have never seen a show. – Dan

6 Types of Pictures Brands Share on Facebook, PRDaily. Love this list of brands utilizing photos for social media posts. The breakdown of kinds of pictures to use for brand pages is especially helpful and a great reminder for the different ways we can leverage multimedia content to engage social audiences. – Chelsey