Take a Hike!

photo A few weekends ago, I hiked to a ghost town in the middle of the North Cascades, Monte Cristo, and it was glorious. When you get out there, about 2 hours outside of Seattle, there's absolutely no cell service, and the woods, like woods do, look virtually untouched. The story goes that Monte Cristo was supposed to be the major lead and silver district of the Northwest, but mining ceased when it was apparent the area wasn't fit for it. A flood and later a fire left the ruins in the state they are still today, and now it's an eerie ghost town in the middle of the mountains.

This all clearly happened way before social media, and yet I found out about this hike from Sosh. Who knew such a simple, timeless destination in the middle of the woods had such a trendy piece of the internet? I assume at least a handful of the many hikers we passed along the way had heard about the hike the same way I did. It's an ironic reminder that the world hasn't really changed, we're all just so much more connected to one another. The internet is a crazy place.

Here are some other excellent-looking hikes to get you out there while contemplating how new and old exist as one...