The Curator’s News Feed: September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out - NYC

Nothing like a short week to help ease us out of summer and into September! We are happy to end the first week with the kickoff of the always fun Fashion Week and awe over more Apple success. Fall, we think you’ll be alright!

Set Your Story Free, Haiku Deck. It seems like PowerPoint presentations are either awesome or awesomely bad. HaikuDeck is a free iPad app that's ostensibly aimed at preventing the latter. The functionality is simple: Pick a theme, type a few words on a slide, pick a tag that best describes what you're talking about and HaikuDeck will give you a bunch of images to choose from based on the content of your presentation. I've only seen the demo video thus far, but this will definitely be my weekend project (yes, I just said I'm going home this weekend to create a PowerPoint presentation). – Paul 

What Restaurants Know (About You), New York Times. As a frequent OpenTable user this article was not a complete shocker, but it’s still somewhat surprising to learn that more and more restaurants and hospitality businesses are making the effort to pay such close attention to patrons and their preferences. On one side, I see it as creepy and also a little farfetched to think that many restaurants take the time to catalogue this detailed information. But on the other side, I think the idea to have your likes and dislikes recognized and remembered is pretty cool, especially if that means extra bread on the table without having to request it, but maybe that’s just me! – Chelsey

Rooftop Gardens Writ Large, PSFK. Last week I shared a link about businesses in China using rooftops to build additional office space. I’ll blame this week’s similar link on the fact that summer is still hanging on here in Seattle. Anyone else wondering whether this roof will have public access and picnic tables? – Matthew

Our Favorite Hidden Restaurant Patios, Seattle Magazine – Sharing a light-hearted post this Friday in honor of very possibly the last sunny weekend we’ll see in Seattle until next year. Which also means it may be our last chance to check out Seattle Magazine’s recommendations for some of the best restaurant patios around town. Everyone at Curator knows that I love my food, so I’m tempted to try and hit every one of these spots by weekend’s end. Realistically,  if I make it to La Rustica and the Pink Door I would be one happy camper. Happy summer dining everyone! – Annie

 'Fashion's Night Out' Gives Boost To Retailers From New York To Milan, Huffington Post. Last night was Fashion’s Night Out which kicks off Fall Fashion Week. The event that was conceived by Vogue Magazine’s editor in chief to encourage and revive spending in an industry that was widely affected by the recession, has grown into  a one-night sartorial extravaganza that spans the globe from NYC to Sydney and was able to successfully share the online buzz last night, not only with the VMAs, but also with the DNC and Obama’s speech. Well done Ms. Wintour! – Julia

iPhone is bigger than all of Microsoft, CNN. My link this week shows the stark reversal of two tech giants over the past 10 years. Microsoft used to be HUGE and Apple a lot less so. Now a single Apple product is bigger than all of Microsoft combined. It goes to show how listening to your customers, focusing on making great products and investing in smart marketing can turn the tide. – Dan