Curator News Feed: August 16, 2013

It's the best day of the whole week! Our links are mostly light-hearted this go-round, showcasing an 'Uber' for flowers, a preview into the new 'Jobs' movie, a 'Shazam' for Wine... need we say more?

Introducing @SlimSurveys: Mobile-Friendly Surveys That People LoveSocial Media Club. While “love” may be a stretch (only account planners LOVE surveys), these things are pretty cool. Currently thinking how we can integrate these into some of our client offerings… -- Dan

Drync, the Shazam for WineMashable. This might be one of the best ideas of the year. Drync, a new ios app that just launched on Wednesday, allows you to scan a wine label and purchase a bottle right from your phone. How often have you tried a wine at a restaurant or friends house and wanted to buy it, but never followed through because you can’t find it at a local grocery store or wine shop? Now you can simply scan it, buy it, and it will arrive at your door. -- Matthew

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12 Things You'll Be Surprised to Learn About Steve JobsBuzzfeed. In honor of the movie "Jobs" opening in theaters today, I came across these quick facts about Steve Jobs. Though they may not be "surprising" to everyone, there were a few things on here that I did not know. For example, you may have known that "Apple" was almost called "Executek"(conjures up a whole different image and vibe, don't you think?), but did you know that Jobs was offered an internship with HP when he was only in 8th grade? Whether you're an Apple fan or not, it's amazing the vision and foresight this man had. Hoping the movie is a good watch! -- Noelle

The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever, Twisted Sifter. You have to see these to believe it. Which one is your favorite? -- Megan

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5 Million Porsche Fans Design Facebook Car, Mashable. A unique social media campaign from Porsche this week that allowed its Facebook fans to design a fan version of the new 911 Carrera 4S. Despite the high price of the model at nearly $106,000, the Facebook promotion enabled all users to get involved in celebration of the page reaching 5 million likes. The lesson here: the more interactive your campaigns become, the more success and engagement you’ll see as a result. -- Annie

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Magic Does Exist with YC's "Uber-For-Flowers" Startup Bloomthat, TechCrunch. Is this new start-up going to save boyfriends/husbands/men everywhere? Either way, I think it's a tribute to Uber, what I consider one of the greatest services out there. Fun Fact: Their drivers have to maintain a 4.6 rating, 4.6 people! Anyways, I definitely love being the consumer in these situations. I also love the shift in thinking from what people accept as status-quo to what is truly desired and helpful. Whether businesses and/or industries are new or old, it's clear that most should consider re-inventing. -- Maria