Say It With Poutine


That right there? That's a picture of poutine. It's the product of a fever dream of some crazed Quebecois who decided that french fries weren't complete without a dousing in gravy and plump curds of cheese. I like to call them Canada's nachos. Go on, act disgusted. I dare you to keep from eating an entire bowl if it's placed in front of you.

Why I am talking about poutine? First, it's because starting tomorrow I will share a home with it. My fiance and I are moving to Vancouver, BC while he pursues a graduate degree at the University of British Columbia. Second, it's because poutine is awesome and seriously, don't be a hater or I'll eat your share.

Most importantly, it's a virtual thank-you offering to all my coworkers at Curator for putting up with me and my obsessive food recommendations over the last two and a half years, and for making our office the best place a social media strategist could ever wish to be. If ever you find yourself in Vancouver, come share a bowl of fries, gravy and cheese curds with me. (Otherwise, you can always follow me on Twitter @LisaKennelly.)

Until next time!